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Thursday, 16 February 2012

No one is perfect

From the day i'm born, i never the perfect, we live to be loved and to learn...

the moment destiny makes us as friend, the moment fate seperate us..
the moment i was born, the moment i started to listen to the world

the moment i'm mature enough, the moment cries happened offen
the moment hurt is given, the moment faking a smile to cover

Hey! whatsup! pretty long didnt update this dead blog, yeah. haha, pretty busy for this year! I will try to find to update yeah. haha, how ya? i'm pretty fine. Just a few months, happened alot of things and i'm it's memorable. Started out fresh for a fresh year, i shall clear out  my obstacles through my long journey towards studies, setted high goals for oneself, i believe i'm able to do it. Do you believe in miracles? i do. someone told me, i had the ability to make the haters to agn like me, such a pro. to others maybe it's an insult yeah, but to me, i do not take it so serious. my very last hamster i had left me, #foreveralone, lying on my bed shall be the most enjoyable thing for each day, a second me will appear that time. Surprising other than a guy nobody knows i have a second me. A emotion i never express to others outside hided all in to my heart. ohyeah, new year will have new tuition centre, ohh it should be in yew tee, haiz so far. Is friendship more important or studies?i shall chose friendship then, eventhough it not be forever if an friendship is fake. But, lossing a friend juz like a knife went in ur heart little by little. Those laughters had to be erase, those cries coming towards, those happy period had to be forget, those day we smile all had to be gone, shall be an hard mission, nomatter how hard it be, i will try to do it if ya be more happier. kinda wish it nnot be ended but its impossible anymore.. in ur eyes i'm nothing but such a sily me will treat him as friend. yeah, Happybirthday to guanying today!! haha little surprise for her. plz plz tml english and mathematics goes easy~
khayys shall stop here, lalaland here i comes~