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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

will time wait for me ?

                                            A smile, will fight over every difficulties~
                                          Will you change me?
                                         A little start, gave a big hope,,
                                          Will you be able to love me ?
                                          maybe it just nothing afterall
                                          waiting for that moment
A little truth behind a huge lie
yo peepo! sorry for not blog, my computer had went to fix for a week and i'm busying packing my 2012 thing.I'm back!! Time flies pretty fast right? Juz a blink holiday gotten end, school going to start le :(  Hope i'll be able to finish my holiday task, will time be able to wait me ? Just one week, i'll be schooling again. Will the work teacher giving harder? will teacher be more strict? will...? Juz like a blink, remember i was only pri6, nervous for psle marks, but juz another blink, i'm preparing for sec 2 ! Time flies pretty fast, tresure the time, it so precious!! I shall not give a loose to my studies, may everything to be perfectly find for now, a new start, a new life for 2012 ! Let's strive together!!  I'm sure everything will be okayy after  everything behind the pain of the start! Let's go !
Belated merry christmas!