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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

tears that never been seen, i miss you

                                            25november:D concert day :D
                                          last photo before miss goh leaves, miss goh i love you!!

                                                               my beloved teachers
                                                                    my cute seniorr
                                                          cutie friends !! dinner time!!

messo sec1s

After time,
                                                          A little moment of every sad times:D

edited by my friends :D
yo peepo! I am back!! miss me ma ? this few days too busy, sorry for not updating. Yeah, 2 weeks past, after it leaves me alone.  What should i do ? He breaking my hope of thinking to be back friend with him. I think the weather really like my feelings, up and down, here and there. when i am sad, its raining outside. Haha, i think the god loves me alot :D Disappointment in him really hurts but still life had to go on. Maybe this is the best answer that he may want:)  Yesh, choir concert ended wonderfully, even though i wish he was down there looking but nvm my friends were there yeah~ have alot fun too! I think you guys also wish i can forget the past and welcome the future and new friendship? i will try  ! End here~ Did you watch MAMA yesterday?