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Thursday, 24 November 2011

The lost love

                                                                  cute ma ? took it last year.

yo! friend, a photo of me n my friends. she pretty cute rite? yeah, i also think so. sometimes act cute, sometimes act cool. we fight all day long but i always love this both friend for being with me.
yeah chio right? Thank my friend of being here with me ! movie for that day aha! yeah miss the time, playing here n there
                                                      Gosh! acting cute hor><

yo peepo!! now time is 1:51 am, not tired at all :( getting near to choir concert, pretty nervous. yeah, time passed so fast right? one week passed after it signed off my life:( miss the time playing with him, otp with him, fighting with him.) Life had to go on even without him, all those memory will be stored . Love is just so unpredictable right ? . New year ,new life. Eventhough that's alway hope from him but it juz way toooooo far.. I not great enough but he also not perfect. Failed, doing almond jelly but i do try my best agn next time.. Pretty sad :(I believes time flies, i will promised there's a greater tomorrow waiting for me.. :) stop here ba. nights darling:) currently otp wif my friend.~23/11/11 ~