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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

nothing is imposible

yeah, it's another wonderful day. Hello peepo! hmm, guess what did i do today that makes me think nothing is imposible??muahha, ikr, it juz something posible>< 22/11/2011!! i love today! yeah, wake up 7am++ to just be ready to lend scores to friend, argh! Meet at 9am suddenly change to 9.15am, haiz waiting there for15 minute, how i wish i at home sleeping.. ohgosh, i realise i dont willing to go out, given my parents ask me to do so. sleeping at a room, full with papers;books;dust. Cant take it anymore! hehehe, jus a few movements, my room now super clean! haha, i think i quite pro.After this, too bored, i make a braclect for joleen but it's a secret, hehe. wah! 11;11 now, i wish the guy will take back his word from me >< i know it's imposible but as long i didnt give up, that's always chance for him, coz nothing is imposible unless u didnt took the effort to make things posible. As i believe, alittle emotion appears behind every idc. Will this waiting last long? yeah, i believe, nites peepo~see ya tml