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Monday, 21 November 2011

Unpredictable moments

Ohgosh, Erica hacking into my account!! Opps, hello peepp !! I am Sophie here, new blog agn haha, having poor memory always cnt remember my password. Wondering, total how many blog do I have ? Yeah, introduce myself alittle, I am Sophie, juz a normal girl living in my own shell, wishing big, finding a place for myself(: I enjoys romantic moment, but afraid of being alone. Do you felt miserable when your friend behind planing activity but never ask u join?? The sense of left out, making me feel that I am not great enough to suit them..Let's update today? Yeah, it just not more than a week to my choir concert abit worry now, next year being in sec 2!! Happy:) waiting for the moment when some miracle will happen to my study:) next year, I will prove to those who look down of me that I am capable of coping with my playful mind and studies:) it's 22:16 now, waiting for my uncle to drive me home, ohmy, I realize I damn miss my home after overnight at my jiujiu house.. My home, here I come!!! Bye, night peepp;) sophieXoxo ~